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Self-reliance is a strength in many aspects of life, including business. We view companies that handle all the different operations involved in running their business with respect and admiration. It is impressive if a business can stand on its own two feet and flourish. But there are also areas when self-reliance is not the best option. A company cybersecurity strategy is a perfect example.

Although many do not readily admit it, most businesses today cannot deal with cybersecurity threats. Should an online attack happen, an unprotected business network will experience massive data loss and disruption to the flow of operations. The simple reason is that too many business owners still have not partnered with a managed service provider that can give them protection against cyber-attacks.

What an MSP Can Do for Your Cybersecurity Strategy

An MSP like us can do much to boost your company’s cybersecurity strategy. On your own, you might rely on an anti-malware program and a few safety measures. While these can protect against some threats, they will be useless in the face of a full-force online attack. A cybersecurity strategy is a large undertaking that takes time and attention. This can be difficult to balance with the important day to day needs of your company.  But if you partner with us, you can enjoy maximum protection against even the most recent forms of malware and other cyber-attacks.

Threat Monitoring

Individual circumstances expose businesses to different levels of online threats. We will consider all the relevant factors to determine your company’s threat exposure and identify and promptly mitigate any impending attack. Many sites online are susceptible to being hacked, or were created for malicious purposes in the first place. An MSP can provide tools that block employees from accessing dangerous sites and reducing their risk while online.

Enhanced Network Security

It is part of an MSP’s job to analyze your current network system and implement changes to protect it against online threats. Depending on the findings, we might install firewalls, set up endpoint detection tools, and more to keep them from causing damage. A robust cybersecurity strategy will work to ensure that your network not only helps your productivity, but properly protects you and segregates sensitive information at the same time.

Data Encryption and Backup

Protecting your data is one of the top priorities in our cybersecurity strategy. Once hackers get their hands on sensitive information, there is no telling what they can do or how they will use it to wreak further havoc. A reliable encryption method can protect your data even if it falls into the wrong hands, and a reliable backup will ensure that you can recover any stolen data. Without an effective backup and recovery plan in your cybersecurity strategy, you may face unexpected downtime and data loss that has devestating repurcussions on your business operations.

Disaster Recovery

In the unfortunate event of an attack pushing through and causing damage to your network and data, a dependable disaster recovery plan will help you get your business back up and running with minimal downtime. The faster you recover, the fewer losses you will suffer, and we can help a lot.

Security Awareness

Most of an MSP’s job involves managing your system and installing tools and software for protection. We will also train your employees on security awareness to help identify and stop easily preventable attacks. We can help you do a test to determine your employees’ current cybersecurity awareness scores. The results might be more alarming than you would expect.

These are just a few examples of how a reliable MSP can help your business. There are tons of other benefits that you can enjoy. Let us know what questions you have. We’re here to help!

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