About Us

We know how remarkable technology is—let's make sure
it's living up to its potential to help you be great.

To empower our customers and their businesses to take control of their digital landscape and cyber-security and improve productivity and communication so they can focus on doing what they do best.

Meet The Team

At Intuitive IT, our focus is your success. We know how remarkable technology is and want to make sure that it is living up to its potential to help you be great. Intuitive IT was formed with the goal of creating a team that would be a managed IT service provider at its best.

We aim to do away with the expectations that have been formed over time that working with IT will always be a drawn out and painful process to get acceptable service. We provide the best service IT has to offer at the fastest rate possible with solutions that don’t just momentarily fix problems but stop them from happening in the first place.

portrait of Josiah Christiansen

Josiah Christensen

Josiah works as a Support Team Member at Intuitive IT. He gained an interest in computers from his family, and his emphasis is in Information Systems.

Josiah enjoys improving the lives of others and works in IT because he enjoys helping resolve computer issues. When working with Josiah you can expect him to be hard at work fixing your issue and attempting to brighten your day.

Whenever Josiah is not at work, he can be found enjoying time with friends and family, improving his technical knowledge, or enjoying a video game.

portrait of Spencer Nichols

Spencer Nichols

Spencer works as a Network and Server Engineer at Intuitive IT. He joined Intuitive IT in 2012 and he has an emphasis in Information Systems. He is also certified in Microsoft 7 and has experience with Cisco.

Spencer enjoys solving computer problems and works in IT in order to build computer networks. He enjoys building networks in ways that benefit others. Spencer uses his experience and knowledge to aid the support team in solving complex network problems.

When Spencer is not at work, he can be found enjoying time with his friends and family, hiking and traveling, or enjoying a good book.

portrait of Avory Nay

Avory Nay

I learned how to speak “techie” so that our clients won’t have to. Making sure they feel included and that they understand what we are doing for them makes me feel accomplished.” 

Avory works as a Support Team Member at Intuitive IT. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in English Language and wanted to use what she had learned about language to help others. She works to ensure communication with clients and break down the “tech talk” into more readily understood English.

Avory enjoys helping customers receive the help they need, and when working with Avory you will receive a kind show of support and a plan of action for a solution.

When Avory is not in the office, she enjoys spending time with family and friends or curling up with a good book.

portrait of Dave Franz

Dave Franz

We want to challenge the expected role of IT. People should be able to have technology that is an asset, not a hindrance. We are here to empower users.”

Dave is the President and CEO of Intuitive IT. He has a deep love for empowering users and believes that making their technology an asset is one of the ways we can help others improve their lives. Dave believes in offering service that benefits the client and has modeled Intuitive IT to offer the support he feels will really benefit businesses.

Dave loves interacting with people and is always working hard to make your success his top priority. When interacting with Dave you can expect to receive a kind, heartfelt support. He genuinely cares about improving every user’s experience and is always looking for ways to make your service better.

When Dave isn’t at work, he can be found enjoying time with his family.

Kandy Graves

portrait of Trevor Nelson

Trevor Nelson

portrait of Kess Larsen

Kess Larsen

portrait of Reed Esklund

Reed Esklund

Our Core Values

“We want to challenge the expected role of IT. People should be able to have technology that is an asset, not a hindrance. We are here to empower users.”

Dave Franz

Let's work together


Intuitive IT has been our go-to support team for multiple years. We are pleased with the experienced service, knowledge, and security they have provided us. Dave and his team are always at the forefront of technology in their exceedingly dynamic industry; they are responsive in addressing our needs and efficient in implementing new technology; their service allows us to provide superior service for our customers.

Taryn A.Operations - Steel Manufacturing Industry

With the fast pace of the building industry, it is imperative that we don’t lose a moment of time due to IT issues, and with the rapid response time of Intuitive IT Solutions we never have. Their professionalism is second to none along with an amazing knowledge of IT they have really set themselves apart from the rest of the industry. With Intuitive IT Solutions on your team, you can have the confidence to push the envelope and achieve greatness. Thanks for being an amazing partner for our company.

Justin J.Operations - Wood Manufacturing

I’d like to recognize Intuitive for their 24/7 availability to our staff if issues come up. Intuitive IT is respectful and kind on the phone and strive diligently to address issues as quickly as possible. They also will follow-up to ensure that you are satisfied. Thanks Intuitive for being there for our business.

Chad H.Administrator - Health Care

Intuitive IT has been a great IT company to work with the last nine years. They are very knowledgeable with software issues and hardware needs for the building I manage. They help fix and resolve issue quickly so my employees can focus of providing care for our residents. I would recommend Intuitive IT to anyone that is looking for a great IT company.

Kent S.Administrator - Health Care