Case Studies

Different businesses benefit from technical support in different ways. Below are some different case studies that show how certain kinds of businesses have benefited from getting Supplemental IT support for their business.

At Caldera Engineering we design and manufacture harsh environment control equipment. Our server system is complex because it has several physical servers that each host a multitude of virtual machines. In addition, we have over sixty active users and workstations in our network. Prior to Intuitive IT, we were using an IT provider that was not resolving our concerns in a timely manner or ensuring our systems were working properly.
We were experiencing many network and server problems when we first approached Intuitive IT. Our domain also caused issues because it was configured improperly. These problems cost us time and efficiency and are not acceptable working parameters by Intuitive IT’s standards.

Top 10 Highlights

1 Server infrastructure rebuilt to Windows Server 2016 with no downtime
2 Domain rebuilt without downtime and with increased access granularity
3 User access and access groups reconfigured to sensitive data, securing important information
4 All servers, including RAIDs, rebuilt with 0 data loss and no downtime
5 Firewall properly configured to use all security services
6 SNMP reconfigured to ensure device health and secure information transfer
7 Backup configured to cover all company data with duplication and retention
8 Guest Wi-Fi created, and admin network secured, giving proper security
9 Total AV protection installed on devices to protect against viruses and Malware
10 Web management and content filtering put in place to protect the network

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Project Review

Issues Found Problems Created By Issues
Network resources shared insecurely All files accessible through unauthenticated network access
Firewall configured incorrectly No security services provided by firewall active or in use
Wi-Fi password known, and network not monitored Network accessible to anyone
Domain and DNS configured improperly Domain couldn’t function properly
Domain was not functioning properly User logins would not always work
Workstations lacked strong antivirus and antimalware Higher risk of getting ransomware or advanced malware and viruses
Backup settings configured improperly Files and new changes not being backed up
Server infrastructure licensed incorrectly Servers non-compliant with Microsoft licensing, and features unavailable
No content filtering was in place, and web traffic not monitored Dangerous sites accessible through network
SNMP set to default settings, and SNMP security not in place Network decides not monitored, and printer publicly accessible by SNMP
Public facing windows RDP access Little security between internet and access to servers or workstations
Device names not straightforward Time lost looking up devices and locations in inventory

Security Solutions

Caldera Engineering’s network was at risk. They outsourced IT support to secure their systems, but the IT didn’t do it properly. In addition, service was not performed in a timely manner. Caldera Engineering worked with Intuitive IT to fix the issues left by the old IT and secure their network. Today, Caldera continues working with Intuitive IT so that future risks are eliminated, and everyday work is free of technical hassles.

Cyber Security

The most basic step that a company can take to protect their network is cyber security. Therefore, putting protective software in place can help prevent viruses and malware from getting into the system. Caldera Engineering now has a dual layered protection system because it ensures their network and equipment have the protection they deserve.

Restricted Access

Intuitive IT helped Caldera Engineering apply access restrictions to their network. These restrictions are important because they protect sensitive data by making it permission protected. In addition, data compartmentalization guarantees less damage is done if a single user is compromised. These settings also help to protect any PII or HIPAA covered data on their network. In addition, Calder implemented access logging which allows them to protect sensitive data like HR records by tracing access to those documents.

Outsourced Support

Caldera receives technical backup from Intuitive IT that supports their onsite technician and allows them to focus on more important aspects of their duties. Intuitive IT’s Proactive suite of software enables them with better protection, monitoring, and device access. Consequently, their in-house IT can more efficiently deal with issues as they arise. They can also outsource large, time-consuming tasks or advanced server setups to Intuitive IT. Caldera’s technician receives extra support and other experienced technicians to collaborate with. While working with Intuitive IT, Caldera Engineering improved their network protection, increased uptime, and enhanced system reliability.